The ENTERPACK TRAY SEALING SYSTEM is a unique ALL IN ONE combination of tray sealing products that are designed to work perfectly together. The ENTERPACK TRAY SEALING SYSTEM consists of :

  • a selection of tray sealable TRAYS
  • a selection of precision made tray moulds with matching heater elements and cutting system called HEATER SETS
  • a selection of high quality lidding FILM
  • a selection of tray sealing MACHINES

The trays are designed to fit into specific heater sets, which in turn fit into a specific machine. The lidding film sizes are also determined by the tray used.

It therefore stands to reason that one needs to first choose the tray most suitable for their application. This will determine what Heater set, machine and film you will use.

Begin by browsing our available trays in the following sections:

Choose a tray by clicking the thumbnail and navigating to the specific product page. The page will display the description and specifications of the chosen tray and also indicate the required Heater Set , Tray Sealing Machine and Lidding film.